ALP Short Syllabus bad news

ALP Short Syllabus Bad News

As you know Covid-19 engulfed the whole world where all walks of life affected. The education sector badly affected and there has been a lot of educational loss.  And since the government has taken a number of measures and launched several programs to minimize this educational loss.  These programs also yielded very good results. ALP short syllabus is one of them.

Along with all other sectors, the education sector has severely affected. Leading to the closure of many educational institutions, forcing students to sit on the pedestal and financial exploitation of teachers.

Plans Of Education Department (ALP Short Syllabus)

To mitigate this loss of students, the government has created a number of programs. One is online education and the other is ALP short syllabus.

The Department of Education announced ALP short syllabuses in two phases. In the first phase. Only short syllabus of compulsory subjects and science subjects announced, or in the second phase, short syllabuses of optional subjects announced. 

In this regard,the education department has held many meetings for the betterment of students. Many news have come to light. The Department of Education has announced that this year’s exams will be held outside the traditional dates to give more time to students to prepare for the exams and exams were announced late.

Exams According to ALP Short Syllabus

At the same time, it has been announced that this year’s examinations will be in accordance with the ALP short syllabus which was announced some time ago.

It is also worth mentioning here that this year the syllabus of Matriculation has been changed to the syllabus of two books which are for Computer and Study of Pakistan.

Problem For Students Regarding  ALP Short Syllabus

Now for those students who have prepared according to the old syllabus or who have already appeared in the exam according to the old syllabus. They will give take the exam according to the new ALP short syllabus now? No.  Their exam will be according to the old syllabus for these two subjects . According to this new syllabus, only those students who are taking the exam for the first time will be examined.  Because the short syllabus of these two subjects is not release at all.  What should these students do in such a situation?  How will they be tested?  Should they prepare with new s syllabus or old ones?  The answers to all these questions are below.

Another Announcement Regarding ALP Short Syllabus. 

The Department of Education recently held a meeting for these students. And as a result of this meeting they announce that these students will take their exams according to the old syllabus but the abbreviated syllabus of the old syllabus is not release. so their exam Will be from the syllabus. The reader will have to prepare the whole book.

For further questions comment the post. Ans will given in short time. share the article with other students for their information.

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