The Minister of Education has Announced the schedule of Annual Examinations 2021

Covid-19 and Examinations

The Corona virus has affected every sector of life, especially the education (Annual examinations) sector. It causing institutions to shut down and the third wave of Corona virus to hit the education sector again.  Even last year, the students could not take the exam and there are many problems in the field of education due to the corona virus.

In addition, the government has closed educational institutions or canceled examinations. It was to prevent corona, and there have been many other such schemes.

Education (Examinations) Condition in 2021


Like last year, this year too the corona virus will not completely eradicated. Today the corona virus is present and the educational condition is very bad. The government closes the educational institutions every day.

Due to which the number of students is increasing.  Pakistan is currently going through the third wave of corona virus and corona severity is very high. In view of this severity, the government has closed educational institutions. And only  Educational Institutions Open for Senior Classes Educational Institutions Still Closed for Junior Classes and examinations canceled.

Plans for Examinations 2021

According to the latest conference of the Minister of Education which he has given to the news channels. He has announced. That compulsory examinations will be held this year. The procedure of elections may be different but will not cancel at all.  Because children have already lost a lot of education

Examinations scheduled for children in schools of thirteen districts of Punjab released  Will be going, summer vacation will be from 1st July.  According to the details, in view of the 3rd wave of Corona. A schedule of examinations for children in schools of thirteen districts of Punjab has been released this year.  The results will announced on June 30.  Examination papers will be provided by Punjab Examination Commission. Paper will be of fifty marks, fifty marks will be for homework. Oral questions and answers will be given in first and second class examinations. 

Papers for third to eighth grade will be in-style.  According to Pak officials, the date sheet for the examinations will be formally announced later. It should be noted that Federal Minister Shafqat Mahmood said in a statement that summer vacations would be reduced this year.  Examinations can be held in May or June, without this exam no one will pass.  “Of course there is a risk of a corona epidemic, but the children’s education has been severely damaged. We are following the instructions of the Health Ministry,” he said.  He said that steps have been taken to start the new academic year in August. So that the children have the opportunity to complete the course and prepare for the examinations.  A final decision will be taken only after a consensus is reached between the provinces and all stakeholders.

Final Decision About Examinations 2021

A few days ago, a meeting was held on educational (Examinations) issues. After this meeting, the Minister of Education, Shafqat Mahmood, announced that all the educational examinations have been canceled. The schedule of examinations will be released after June 15, if possible.  This date can be given further so all the students who are there should continue their preparation. And there should not be any shortcoming in the preparation. The date of the examinations can be given at any time.  Examinations will be announced accordingly.

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