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Artificial intelligence, Benefits and Cons

Artificial intelligence, or AI, refers to the ability of a machine or computer system to perform tasks that would normally require human-level intelligence. This includes things like understanding language, recognizing patterns, making decisions, and learning from experience. One of the main goals of AI research is to create systems that can mimic the cognitive abilities …

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Divide the people in different social groups according to social hierarchies on the basis of social race, class, wealth, family and education etc. Income and wealth is the most common basis of stratification. The stratification of society is also based upon either an open, or closed, system. Open We can achieve status through merit and …

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study online radixoo text book

PTB Text Books Online Available

PTB Text E-Books 2020 are Now Available Online Downloadable In the current situation where all spheres of life have been affected. The education sector has also been badly affected. All educational institutions have been closed due to this situation. And all educational matters have been paralyzed. Different instructions have been provided educational facilities to its …

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The Times Higher Education Impact Ranking 2020 Report

The Times Higher Education Impact Ranking Report 2020 The Times Higher Education International Impact Rankings Report has released. It is the report on the global ranking of universities. The report was published on April 23, 2020. In this ranking, various universities in Pakistan have also succeeded in making their place. Times Higher Education is higher …

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Top Five universities in Pakistan

Top Five universities in Pakistan

Top Five Universities in Pakistan There are 174 recognized universities in Pakistan. It includes Government universities, private, and public private campuses. Some of which are military institutes and vocational institutes. Here we are listing below top five universities of Pakistan. This list is categorized on the basis of departments, faculty as well as students. 1. …

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