Corona Virus COVID-19 A Burning Issue

It is a viral disease caused a virus called corona virus. Actually Corona virus is a family of viruses. They caused debase in animals. It can transferred from animals to human by touch. It is just cold like symptoms. Two corona viruses Middle East respiratory syndrome (Mers) & severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) are much differ. They killed more than 1500 people till now. In 2002 it was observed, but COVID-19 is new corona virus. It is also a dangerous corona virus. Initially the mortality rate was 2% while now it is 3.4% according to WHO report till March 2020. [Source]


Fist Human corona virus named B814 was identified in 1960s. That was cause infection only in upper respiratory tract. Mostly children were infected by it. Since 2003 new 5 corona viruses has been characterized.





New Haven Corona virus. [Source]

Current situation

Currently corona virus rapidly growing in the word, in start from china but now most of countries are effected. Total cases, new cases and no. of deaths are given as below.

Below this you can get the information about total no of Corona virus cases, daily basis new cases, total deaths and new deaths on daily basis round the globe and as well as country wise. Countries are listed according to the number of cases and deaths and updated day by day. (Source)

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Runny nose

Sore throat

Difficulty breathing (severe cases) (Source)

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Keep warm

Drink plenty of liquids

Rest and sleep

Take a warm shower (Source)

Medical Care

There is no vaccine for corona virus.

If any person feel the symptoms above mentioned, he need to call his doctor about them and inform him about your feelings and travel you have done. You also inform about the peoples you have meat. (Source)

How to Protect From Corona virus COVID-19


These days peoples should avoid to go public places stay at home.

Wash your hands again and again or use hand sanitizer periodically.

Avoid to attend ceremonies parties.

Take bath with warm water.

Keep yourself warm.

Use mask and gloves.

Avoid to touch others by hand or mouth.

Eat the foods those empower our immune system and use variety of fruit juices. (Source)

If you feel fever, sore throat and difficulty in breathing contact the helpline 1166 provided by govt. (Source)

How can we prevent ourselves and our families from corona virus? Which food we should eat ? (Click Here)

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How to Prevent From Corona Virus

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