All Exams Under Punjab Technical Board Lahore are Cancelled

Today Dynamic Minister Mr. Mian Aslam Iqbal has held a very important meeting in the presence of Chairman TEVTA and Chairman Punjab Technical Board and other officials. He announced in the meeting that all the examinations conducted under Punjab Technical Board have been canceled under the promoting policy of government for students. He further said that this year 177524 students have to give exams in different categories.

Mian Aslam Iqbal further said that as per the instructions of the controlling authority, the students have not only been promoted but also given a discount in the admission fee. He said that 40 percent discount has been given to the students in the admission fee.  It has been further stated that students who pass in 60% of the subjects will be declared successful under this policy.

It was informed that the successful students will submit their admission fees with 40% discount. The date of submission of fees is 16 June 2020.  130165 students will benefit while the rest of the students will not be able to avail. Unsuccessful students are only 47359 as these students have failed in more than 40% subjects. Failing students in more than 40% subjects have not been promoted. They will pay his full fee and will have to take part in the special exam which will be announced soon.

Best of luck all the students.

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