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Final Decision About Matric, Intermediate and University Examination.

A very important meeting was held today by the Federal Minister of Education. This meeting was also attended by all the chairmen of the board and all the officers related to education. In this meeting many important decisions were taken. The students had exams and they were canceled. The following important decisions were taken in this meeting. They are as follows:

Students of class IX and XI will be promoted to the next class without any examination. Next year students of class IX will appear for the examination of class X, while students of class XI will appear for the examination of class XII.  On the basis of performance, they will be included in the results by grading the ninth and eleventh grades.  I will increase them by 3% to the next class. Their results show only the total number, Details of subject marks will not be included. Students who fail in 40% of subjects will be given extra marks and passed. Students who fail in more than 40% subjects and students who fail, For those who wanted to improve their marks, a special examination will be held in September or mid-November. Students who want to improve their marks will also be able to take part in this examination.

However, university students should keep in mind that no issue regarding university exams was discussed in this meeting. It is quite possible that universities will conduct their exams online and it is also possible that in the coming days such a strategy

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May Allah be our supporter and help us and save us from this scourge.  Amen

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