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tele school

Tele-school is a very important project started by the government of Pakistan. In the current situation when everyone is urged to stay at home. There is a special urge to keep children at home. Due to the current epidemic situation, the education of children was being severely damaged. Keeping this situation in mind, the government of Pakistan has tried to reduce the loss of students.

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 And as a result, a plan was made. This project is called TeleSchool. According to this plan, a television broadcast has been officially launched. Based on this, lectures on all subjects up to class XII have been started on online TV.

The students had a problem with these broadcasts. He said that the schedule of lectures was not known and now the government has made a significant increase in this project.
Students will now be able to be aware of their schedule on a daily basis from their mobile phones at home.

Method to check the daily schedule is given below:

  1. Type your class in new message option.( For example for class 8 type ” C8″).

  2. Send it to 8228.You will get daily schedule of your class.

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