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At the moment all the students are very worrying and are searching on the internet about matriculation and FA admission deadlines etc. At this time their worries are really valid. Because all the educational institutions are closed due to corona virus. There is no one to guide them, which is why they are wandering around and trying to find out the truth from the internet in the world of troubles, so there is a solution to their troubles on this page and they  All information about it will be provided.

Corona virus has severely restricted students from attending educational institutions. In such a situation, they are trying to get information about admission from their friends and relatives, but no one has informed them correctly.  Not providing Yes, on this page we provide a solution to their problem.

Last Date of Admission for private students

All students should note that all the Board of Education has announced the last date for private matriculation. They have announced this on all national media channels and on their official website.

The Board of Education has also announced the last date for the private students of matriculation on its social media pages which include Twitter, Facebook, etc.

On this page you are told the last date of admission of Matric private students about which all the schedules etc. That they have can also download and print it. This has been done for the convenience of the students.  Students’ concerns can be addressed.

Private Matriculation students should note that this admission are online. They have to fill up the form online and all the details are provided on this page.

The online admission form has to be filled within the stipulated date. If the students do not fill up the admission form on that date. They have to fill up their admission form with a double or triple fee. After filling up the admission form, it has to be submitted and it  The submission date is the same as the online form.

Last Date of Admission with Single Fee

Students can submit for matric as a private candidate till 10th December 2020.

Last Date of Admission with Double Fee

11th December to 21st December 2020.

Last Date of Admission with Trippe Fee

22nd December to 29th December 2020.

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