My Dedicated Teacher: Rai Sahib

I am working in a private company in Lahore. My position is manager. I am satisfied with my job and I am living happily with my family. I belong to a small village. I got my basic education from the village.  After graduating, I enrolled in a college in a nearby city. We don’t pay much attention to education, but my family paid special attention to my studies. There was a professor in the college.  His name was Iqbal Rai Sahib. All the students and professors used to call him by the name of Rai Sahib. He is my favorite teacher. He taught us Pakistan Study.

It was often observed that students used to avoid reading Pakistani lectures, especially students of science subjects. They considered it a waste of time, but the attendance of students in Rai Sahib’s lectures was always complete.  The reason for this was his method of teaching. He knew that students pass easily in his subject and consider it an easy subject. He lectured a lot of time on moral training of students and discussion on social issues.

All students were equally involved in this discussion.  The purpose of this discussion was to promote the mental development and expression of the students. This was the reason why their class attendance was complete and Rai Sahib never checked the attendance. I still remember what he said.  I stand up in his honor. He breathed a spirit into me which is why I have reached this place today. May God grant him a long life. Ameen

By: Saleem Ahmad, Lahore, Pakistan

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