My Dedicated Teacher: Tahir Sahib

I belong to a small town in Sialkot. I was known in school for being a dull-witted and incompetent student. I often did not do my homework. And I passed every exam with great difficulty. Then one day a new teacher was appointed in our school. His name was Tahir Sahib. He was a science teacher. He changed my academic career. It is a great favor to me that he has lifted a person like me from low to high. The fact is that the principal has made Tahir Sahib our class in-charge. After introducing himself to the students. He asked the name of all students one by one.As soon as I stood up to say my name, the whole class started laughing and the class introduced me with strange names. The teacher told the class to be quiet. And he called me to him and lovingly turned his hand on my head and inquired about my name. Then one day the teacher appointed me as the representative of the class.

Now the teacher would give me a lot of importance and while listening to the lessons of the students, he would also use me in listening to the lessons.  In this way, I would memorize my lesson well every day. First, the teacher would listen to me, then he would assign me the task of listening to the lessons of other students. In the same way, the days went by.  Now I was known as a shining student of the school . And finally I got the first position in the annual examination and then I got admission in a good college on a scholarship. So my journey of success started. I will always be grateful to Sir Tahir.  Even today, when I remember him sitting in solitude, prayers come out of my heart for him. He turned my back on me. May Allah Almighty grant our educational institutions teachers like him.

By: Nadeem, Sialkot, Pakistan

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