Write Story-My Dedicated Teacher

Your Story-Dedicated teacher

Teachers make the nation. A teacher has a powerful role in our success. We are taught  by many teachers in our study carrier. Some of them are really very great teachers which inspire us. There is no substitution of them. They change positively our mind and make us successful in our life. We can’t pay return of their blessings for us.

Is there any your dedicated teacher? Who? Write us your dedicated teacher story.

RADIXOO arrange a writing platform to promote the respect of teachers. You have to write your story about your teacher in your student career and send us. Your stories will be posted on our website with your name and city that will be beacon for other.    

You can send your story through E-Mail along with your name and city.


E-Mail:  dedicatedteacher.radixoo@gmail.com

Keep visiting www.radixoo.com  for further details.

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