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Class 9

Computer is an elective subject in science group in the replacement of Biology. Students of this subject can choose all the programs other than medical. In this subject the paper is of 50 marks in 9th and 50 marks in 10th class and 50 marks are for practical which is will be taken after 10th papers. There is one benefit of Computer students. That is practical marks in Biology there is only 30 marks for practical exam but in computer science there are 50 marks for practical exam. both subjects have total 150 marks. Therefore students of computer science has the opportunity to obtain marks more easily and enhance their grades.

But computer student cannot be able to choose medical group in intermediate. 

Here we are providing comprehensive notes of Punjab boards syllabus for the students to prepare their subject easily. In these notes M.C.Qs, Short questions and long questions are included.

Unit.1 Introduction To Computer    Click here to view and download 

Unit.2 Computer Components        Click here to view and download

Unit.3 Input/Input Devices               Click here to view and download

Unit.4 Storage Devices                     Click here to view and download

Unit.5 Number System                     Click here to view and download

Unit.6 Boolean Algebra                    Click here to view and download

Unit.7 Computer Software              Click here to view and download

Unit.8 Introduction To Windows    Click here to view and download

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Physics is the study of matter, energy and their interaction. Here Radixoo is providing Physics KIPS notes to help the students and teachers to access physics notes easily. in the class 9 paper of Physics is of 60 marks in which 12 marks are for M.C.Qs and 48 marks are for subjective questions. In these notes M.C.Qs, short questions and long questions are included. 

Unit.1 Measurement                                       Click Here

Unit.2 Kinematics                                            Click Here

Unit.3 Dynamics                                              Click Here

Unit.4 Turning Effect                                       Click Here

Unit.5 Gravitational                                         Click Here

Unit.6 Work and Energy                                  Click Here

Unit.7 Properties of Matter                           Click Here

Unit.8 Thermal Properties of Matter           Click Here

Unit.9 transfer of Heat                                   Click Here

There are many students facing problem in chemistry subject. To solve their problem Radixoo team provide notes of chemistry class 9 . There are total 8 units. These notes include M.C.Qs, short questions and long questions.

Unit.1 Fundamentals of Chemistry     Click Here

Unit.2 Structure of Atom                       Click Here

Unit.3 Periodic table and Periodicity   Click Here

Unit.4 Structure of molecule                 Click Here

Unit.5 Physical States of Matter          Click Here

Unit.6 Solutions                                      Click Here

Unit.7 Electrochemistry                        Click Here

Unit.8 Chemical Reactivity                   Click Here

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