Pakistan in The Top of The World


Pakistan’s full name is Islamic Republic Pakistan. It was come into the existence in the result of division of subcontinent (Hindustan) in 1947. Its currency is Pakistani rupee (Rs. or PKR). While Urdu and English both are official languages. But Urdu is nation language. Mostly people ware shawar qamees, it is the national dress. Pakistan has four provinces Islamabad is the capital. While Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan. 95% of the total population is Muslim and 5% belongs to other religions.

In what way Pakistan is in top of the world?

Pakistan is the first country which come into existence in name of religion. In the period of occupation of England the life of Muslims was in many difficulties. After world war-2 the England want to left subcontinent permanently. Muslims’ leadership feel the hypocrisy of Congress and start continuous struggle to attain their aim. In 1947 Muslims become successful and Pakistan appear on the world map.

Nuclear Power

Pakistan is 1st Muslim nuclear power. In 1998 Pakistan accomplished his five successful nuclear experiment at Chaaghi, in Baluchistan. And then Pakistan became first Islamic nuclear power of the world. After that Pakistan got increment in his impotence the region.

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Football Industry

Pakistan is world’s largest hand sewn football maker. In Sialkot about more than 200 factories of making footballs. These factories produce about 50%-70% of total production of the world.

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Karakorum Highway

World’s highest paved international road is located in Pakistan. Karakorum Highway between Pakistan and China is the highest paved rout in the world.

Irrigation System

World’s largest canal irrigation system is in Pakistan.

Highest ATM

World’s highest ATM machine is located in Pakistan. It is on Pak-China border at Khunjrab pass. this machine installed at 4693 feet above the sea level. The operator of it is National Bank of Pakistan. [Source]

Youngest Civil Judge

Muhammad Ilyas belongs to Pakistan became world’s youngest civil judge in the age of 20 years and 9 months.

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Largest Glacial System

The world’s largest glacial system outside the polar region is in Pakistan. It is Biafo glacier, its lenth is 67km. It located in Karakorum Mountain in Gilgit Baltistan. [Source]

Tarbela Dam

Tarbela Dam is the largest earth filled dam in the world. It is in Pakistan in the area of Punjab. It has the capacity of 14.3 cubic Km (11600000 Are-feet). [Source]

Shadur Pass

Shandur Pass is the World’s highest Polo ground. Its height is 12200 feet above the sea level. This polo ground is also called “Roof of the world”. It is in the district Chitral, Pakistan. A polo festival is organizing since 1936. [source]

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Female Prime Minister

Benazir Bhutto became the first female Prime Minister of a country in the Muslim world. She was the daughter of well-known politician Zulfqar Ali Bhutto.  A suicide bomber attacked on her,She was dead in that attack .


ISI of Pakistan is considered as the world’s number 1 intelligence even better than CIA.

Gwadar Port

Gwadar Port is the world’s deepest port. It located in southwest of Pakistan in province Baluchistan.The total area of it is 64000 sq. meters. Gwadar Port has depth of 18.2 meter. [Source]

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