PTA IMEI Registration for Mobile

PTA IMEI Registration .We are observing from last few days that Pakistan telecommunication authority (PTA) is sending a message to mobile phone tablet and other devices users which use a SIM connection that check the status of your device. Is your device’s IMEI number registered in PTA database?  If not then your device will be blocked after 20th October 2018.

PTA IMEI Registration

What is this problem? And how we can solve this?

First of all we should know that Why PTA is taking that action?

Every year millions of mobile phones are imported to Pakistan. Many of them are imported though illegal methods. They do not pay any tax and custom. Which is very dangerous for our country’s economy? Now Govt. decides to stop this smuggling of mobile phone and other devices. So PTA Introduce a new system which is called DIRBS stands for “Device Identification Registration and Blocking System”. It is a device verification system. PTA stated to Register/Verify devices through this system using IMEI number. Click the link to get more information about DIRBS.

The IMEI number is a unique number which is allotted to the device which uses SIM connection. This 15 digit number is allotted by an organization GSMA. Through this number a device can traced and identified.

Click the link for more information about GSMA.

PTA announced that after 20th October 2018 all non registered devices will be blocked. PTA categorizes the devices into four categories.

  1. Complaint: These devices are original and registered in PTA database.
  2. Valid: These devices are original but not registered in PTA database. These devices are smuggled illegally. But you can register this before 20th
  3. Non-Complaint: These devices are not original, and have fake IMEI number. These can be registered and used for only on SIM. You can’t use any other SIM after 20th These devices will be allowed to use only one SIM.
  4. Blocked: These devices were used in any illegal and criminal activity, we will not able to use this type of device without Paying the tax.

How can we check our phone registration.

Follow the method.

Step-1:  Dial *#06# to check IMEI number. Note this number on a page.

STEP -2: Go to write message, Type IMEI number without spaces and send it to 8484 or dial *8484# and follow the instruction. Or click the link and enter 15 digit IMEI number.

You will be replied with one of above mentioned category.

In case of category 1 there is no problem your device is verified.

In case of category 2 your device has IMEI number issued by GSMA but not registered in PTA record. You have to use this phone before 20th Oct. and make call or SMS to any number. System will add your device automatically.

In case of category- 3 your device is not original and has a fake IMEI number. You should use this phone before your regular SIM this phone will be registered only for that SIM you will be inserted.

In category 4 you cannot use further this phone. To use such mobile you must pay the tax to FBR. After that your phone will be unlocked.

I hope this information will be very helpful for you.


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