Punjab University Announced Exams Annual B.A/B.Sc and M.A/M.Sc.

The Department of Punjab University has announced an annual degree exam Policy. According to a UP representative, B.A. Exam. / The second part will take place from July 22 Master of Science / Master of Science. Group-II and B.Com. The Exam will be taken from September 7, 2020.

 The representative noted that for the rehearsals of the second section, students must be prepared for regular online rehearsals with a choice of several options. He said that the analysis of the second part should be a traditional system that would normalize the situation in Covid-19 and transfer it to the government. However, he said, if the university does not open by July 15 and delays persist, the online test path will be based on MCQs.


 He said that for whatever reason, students who do not take the online exams will have the opportunity to take the exams that are usually taken after the university opens in accordance with the policy, and the university will be informed.

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 With regard to the tests in the first part of the various sections, the representative stated that the usual test method would start on 1st October. B.A / B.Sc./Associate Science / Arts Part 1 said M. / ERO. Part 1, B. Com. Subordinate parts of the L / L group will start circulating on November 2 with a conventional test system.

According to him, however, the first part of the study will be carried out in the traditional way if the situation improves with the consent of Kovid-19 and the government. A spokesman said candidates could get more information on the official Universal Postal website.

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