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What is ASCD?

ASCD Stands for Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

It is non-profit world known educational organization which was founded in 1943. It headquarters offices located in different countries (Alexandria, Virginia, United States). Now it is working in more than 128 countries. It organizes conferences to enhance the professional skills of educators It also provides memberships, book’s publication and education leadership programs in different countries of the world. It empowers the Teachers to achieve excellence in teaching, learning and leading the students.

In Pakistan ASCD is an affiliated group. It provides a platform for educators, policy makers, student and researchers to collaborate to uplift education in Pakistan. It provides link Pakistani educators to the whole world to share their experiences and ideas about the education to enhance the professional skills.

The Pakistan ASCD National Teacher Excellence Award 2019

Pakistan ASCD Organize a National Teacher Excellence Award to promote the professional skills of educators. In this event all teacher currently in service are eligible for this award. The teachers of early school to higher secondary Government/Private/Madrassas/NGO’s school can apply. Teachers must be at least 10 hours a week engaged in his classes and committed to concern with teaching profession in next 5 years.


ASCD has its own procedure to shortlist the teachers. The Procedure will be accomplished through 4 steps:

  1. Top 50 candidates will be shortlisted in first step. The profile and pictures of these 50 teachers will be published on official website of Pakistan ASCD
  2. Top ten teachers will be shortlisted from top 50 candidates.
  3. Top 3 teachers will be shortlisted and invited in ASCD Teacher Excellence Award ceremony in Islamabad.
  4. In the ceremony winner will be announced.


Top 3 teachers will be given the National Teacher Excellence Award along with cash prize

1st Prize: Rs. 1 Million Cash Prize
2nd Prize: Rs. 0.5 Million Cash Prize
3rd Prize: Rs. 0.25 Million Cash Prize

Closing Date

Closing Date for Applications is30th July 2019.

How to apply?

Eligibility And Criteria

Follow the link for eligibility and criteria details


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Instagram: pakistan.ascdTEACH – Education HRD

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