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There are millions websites on the internet. We surf these websites daily in our life. So which websites are very amazing and very useful to us? Let me tell you the some top amazing websites. These are really very amazing and very useful. You can use these websites and can enjoy these websites.




This website is really very useful to us for scanning our file online for virus. It has many antivirus programs to scan your file. You have to just upload your file and scan it. Antivirus programs on this website will scan your file online show result and fix the problem. Another use of this website is that you can check any website and scan it. It will check that website and tell the website if it is dangerous/fishing website, and is that secure or not?



This web is very amazing. As you open website it provides you a temporary mail box. It is valid for only ten minutes. You can use this mail for these ten minutes only. Many times we want to use a platform but we cannot use it without signup, and do want to use our real mail address because that will be full of spam. Then we can use this type of mail address for sign up when we don’t sure about those are spamming or junk.

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This is an awesome website. We can see different pictures at high graphics. Normally, when we different pictures on Google or any other search engine these pictures can be copy right. We cannot use these for professional use. has solved this problem we can download a huge variety of beautiful and awesome pictures for backgrounds, wallpaper, YouTube videos, blogs and many other uses. You can use and edit these photos for personal or professional use. These are zero licensed. No one can claim for these.


It is so amazing website. You can see a world map with airplanes which look moving; actual these are flights which are moving to their destination. You can know the detail of any flight by clicking on plane like flight rout, take off time and arrival time etc.

I hope you will visit and enjoy these websites.

Cradit:Altaf Hussain Lakhan (Lahore, Pakistan)

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