Radixoo Victor of Mathematics

Victor of Mathematics Contest

A Contest “RADIXoo Victor of Mathematics ” is going to held at Lahore Division level. It’s organizing by SALAAR Academy under the supervision of RADIXoo Education. In this Competition Students of age 10 to 16 years* can participate. Amazing Prizes are waiting you… See brochure.

What is Important?

Mathematics is a subject which is very important in our life. The development of a nation is very much dependent on the subject of mathematics. If we look at the past then we can see which nation made blankets and applied it in his life and used them a lot in his practical life or those nations went ahead in the world.  They made so much progress that they began to lead the world.

What is requirement?

We also need to understand the importance of mathematics and apply it in our lives. For this we need to take practical steps in our country Mathematics is used until we pass only and only in exams. We use it sparingly in our practical lives, which is why we are lagging behind other nations in the world. Here we have not made much progress. We need to make our generation aware of the importance of mathematics. And make them interested in learning mathematics. The day our students start adopting mathematics as an interesting subject instead of a burden, from that day progress will become our destiny.

"RADIXoo Victor of Mathematics" A Step By SALAAR

SALAAR has taken an important step in instilling this interest in the students. SALAAR has started a competition “ Victor of Mathematics Contest” with the help of RADIXoo Education. Initially, the competition is going to held at the division level.  Its scope will expand in the years to come, and this competition will be further expand.

Students will reap double benefits from participating in this competition.  One of the benefits is that the students will mentally expand and the other students will be able to perform well in the exams.  Because questions for this competition will be taken from their textbooks.  In this way students can benefit the most by participating in this competition.

We are inviting all students and schools to participate in this competition “RADIXoo Victor of Mathematics“.

Terms And Conditions

  • Registration will be accepted in both manual and online ways.
  • The age limit for the contestants is 16 years. One  relaxation can be given on an application recommended by the school.
  • Registration will be confirmed after the verification process. On successful registration, a confirmation message will be sent on your provided mobile number by the verification system. 
  • Registration fee is 450 Rs. Which is not refundable nor transferable.
  • Management Victor of Mathematics reserved the right to change registration deadline and contest date without any prior notification. 
  • Registration slips will be issued to the participants before two weeks of contest. If you will not be issued a slip please contact the office.
  • Contestant can download the slips from the the URL: www.radixoo/vom 
  • If any candidate will have registered but not issued the registration slip, he/she will contact the office before one week of the contest.
  • The examination center can be selected at any suitable place in Lahore.  It is the responsibility of the candidate to reach the examination center on time.
  • It is the responsibility of the candidate to arrive at the examination center on time.
  • If a candidate fails to arrive at the center on time and fails to appear for the examination, the entire responsibility will be on the candidate.
  • There will be separate sittings for boys and girls for the assessment in the center.
  • It is the responsibility of the parents to take the students home after the examination. In case of any indecent incident, the administration will not be responsible.
  • All students must arrive at the examination center on time and cooperate fully with the administration.
  • Candidates who engage in indecent behavior will be expelled from the examination.
  • After the exam, the result will be announced on our website www.radixoo.com. All students should check this website from time to time, so that they can be aware of any update in time.
  • Only confirm registered candidates will be called for assessment.
  • The assessment will be fully transparent and unbiased.
  • Any contestant can apply  for rechecking of his/her assessment within three days after the announcement of the result. Rechecking fee 200/- Rs will be charged.
  • If more than one candidate gets first, second or third position, only one contestant will be selected for the first, second and third position by re-evaluating these contesten. This method will be used only in the selection of top three positions, not for other positions.
  • The result of the contest can’t be challenged in any court or any other by law.
  • All the position holders will be awarded with amazing prizes, Trophies and medals etc.

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